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HOA Community
Tools For Your Homeowner Association Boards:
Free forums, educational based articles, and information regarding your HOA.
Your Personal Information is Safe
We will never share your information with third parties. Privacy is important.
Tools For Individual Homeowner:
Free forums, educational based articles, and complaint center. Specific to your HOA.
Password-Protected Private Forum:
Each forum is password protected and not accessible by the public or search engines.
It's Your Neighborhood.
Since conception, this website was designed to be a place where HOAs could gather and build better neighborhoods. With your help, we can build strong and unified communities that last. So join today and let your voice be heard.
Exclusive 5 Star Rating System
The best way to improve any relationship is to listen. Listen to the voices from within that say great job or change that. Even at times, stop that. Our 5 star rating system is a poignant way to make your opinion count.
HOA Specific Complaint Center.
Upon membership verification, you will have direct access to your specific HOA's complaint center. The complaint center is designed to help facilitate a faster more accurate response to your individual concerns.
Board Specific Communications
When a Board of Director participates, critical information flows quickly to members eliminating misunderstandings and misconceptions. For this purpose, we've created a forum for HOA related issues. Board exclusivity...
Post Community Topics
At Rate My HOA, we believe communication is the key to solving problems and fostering better relationships. Upon membership activation, you will have access to four uniquely designed forums which are meant to foster communication from within.
Letter Grade Average
The individual HOA member will have the power to rate and re-rate each key area at all times ensuring accurate and up to the minute score. For those HOA who maintain an "A" average, they will receive the prestigious Green Oak Award.