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What is an HOA

Homeowner Associations (HOA) are generally non-profit organization or corporation created for the purpose of consolidating individual lots into some form of community or residential subdivision. HOAs are regulated by governing documents (CC&Rs) which affect and limit what individual homeowner can or cannot be done with the property through documents such as bylaws, articles of incorporation, covenants, guideline, rules and policies.

HOA are govern by a Board or Director and sub committees whose sole purpose is to maintaining the overall aesthetic quality of the community through the enforcement of the governing document established by the original developer and board of director which subsequently may or may not have been amended by a previous boards.

So in essence, a HOAs are not-for-profit corporations established to maintain the value and the appears of a community. In return, the homeowner function as a stockholder participate by comply with the CC&Rs and other governing documents, all in the name of higher property values.

The definition is simple, but the nature of an HOA is complex, political, and filled with personality yet to be defined.