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What is an ARC?

A Simple Definition: What is an ARC?

Every Homeowner Association possesses some form of an Architectural Review Committee.   Depending on the HOA, these committees are comprised of 3-7 Members.  They meet monthly to review applications which were submitted by who desire to alter the exterior of their home.  These Architectural Committees are not limited to approving application. Often they are called upon by the Board of Directors to review the Architectural Guidelines and provide recommendations.

The actual name of these committees may vary by HOA, but their purpose and function remains the same:  Preserve and maintain the monetary value of the Homeowner Association.  Some common name are:

  • Architectural Review Board (ARB)
  • Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
  • Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
  • Architectural Improvement Committee (AIC)
  • Community Architectural Board (CAR)

Each HOA is different, so check your CC&Rs.