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What are CC&Rs


So what does the acronym CC&Rs mean. It’s simple: Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. These terms are the foundation from which a Homeowner Association is created, a Board of Directors established, General Restrictions adopted, and regulations enforced. CC&Rs also outline the roles, rights and responsibilities of the individual homeowner.

CC&Rs possess the ability to regulate the type of shingle, paint color, fence, wall, hedge, or window that may be used when altering your newly purchased home.  These terms also have the ability to be very tedious: no parking on the street, no basketball hoops, no pets, no work vehicles with lettering, and no pools.  So when purchasing a home within a HOA, it’s important that you requests a copy of the CC&R’s prior to closing.  Understand, each Member within the HOA is expected to abide by these Covenants, Conditions, and restrictions.
If you cannot obtain a copy of the CC&Rs from your real estate agent, try searching your local municipality comptroller’s website for these documents.  Simply, do a record search and then type in the name of the Homeowner Association.

Make it a point to retrieve these documents prior to purchasing your home.  Failure to do so will only set you up for disappointment.