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Why Become a Industry Leader?

Let’s face it. When it comes to Homeowner Associations, there is an absent of real advice and real perspective into days market place. The information out there is not organized, scattered, and horded by very individual who are there to help under the beast we call HOA.
The only one who suffers are Board Members and Property Owners .

You Have the Ability to Change That!!!

It is our goal at Rate My HOA to seek out industry professional in each state who deal with Homeowner Associations. Individual who can write information based article which will give particle advice to Members and its Board of Directors. Article from leaders in the construction, Legal and Professional, Real Estate, and Management industry.
Just simple advice.

Just simple words promoting understanding and cooperation.
There are no associated cost or advertise fee.

The information provided is an exchange and a pass port to millions of Americans who live in HOA.

Our Approach

The educational approach is time tested and approved. It’s no secret. Professionals who choose to educate their customers develop long term clients with realistic expectations. Most importantly, educated customers are happy customers…

Right now, HOAs across America are in turmoil because of lack of education. Together, we both can change the face of Homeowner Associations. First we must realize that HOAs only consist of words typed on paper. The problem is those words govern people who have real emotions and are interpreted by people who are often ill equipped. Understand, they need assistance. They need a professional who will provides real explanations.

Qualification To Become a Industry Leader are Simple:

  1. Your Company must be in business for Five Years!
  2. If you work in a license field, you must have an active license in good standing.