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We provide tools to help your HOA improve

Your Dedicated HOA Community At Your Fingertips

Once an HOA is rated, a community forum is created where members can address issues directly related to their individual Homeowner Association in private. Our goal is to create a places where members can start a narrative that will promote a sense of community spirit and self regulation. Each community forum will address issue such as:

  • HOA Related Issues
  • What's New
  • Security
  • Suggestion
  • Lost and Found

Remember, communication is the key to promoting harmony and understanding. Sign up and connect!

Learn & Understand

Do you know what your rights, roles, and responsibilities are as a member of a Homeowner Association? Do you know what to do if your Architectural Review Board denies your application? Become a member and gain access to educational base articles written by industry professional who deal with HOA's every day. These articles will related to the following issues:

  • Management
  • HOA Law
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Tips, Hints, and Myths

So sign up and educate yourself daily. Knowing is half the battle.

Voice Your Opinion and Make A Difference

Start by rating your HOA.The rating system was designed to focus on five key areas essential to a successful Homeowner Association:

  • The Board of Directors
  • The Friendliness of The Community
  • The Architectural Review Board
  • The Management
  • The Governing Documents

Once the HOA is rated, the collective voice from within the community is revealed, ratings are created, and a letter grade is assigned. To ensure accuracy and integrity of the rating system, a Member will have the power to rate and re-rate each key area at all times. It does not matter if you like or dislike your HOA. Rate it--before someone else does.

Most importantly, no one will know how you individually voted . Each vote will be coupled with other Members of your HOA and then presented as a whole. You will never be singled out.

Currently 3364 People Are Rating Their HOA In Your Area.

Our Promises to you....

We promise to be open, honest, and fair to all sides: Homeowners and Board Members alike. We want to provide real solutions. We want this website to be a tool for the collective, not the loudest. Our goal is to create a place where all voices are heard.

If you love your HOA, your voice will be heard as much as the member who despise it's very existence. As a result, no bullying or distasteful action will be tolerated by any Homeowner or Board Member. Should such acts occur, we will immediately suspend the membership of the offender.

No one likes a bully....

The individual property owner will have the ability to file a formal complaint against their HOA. A complaint center exist on every HOAs' overview page which can only be access by registered and verified users of a specific HOA.

Only the individual Member who files the complaint and the Board of Directors will see the nature of the complaint. The complaint center is private.

Rate My HOA will work hard on your behalf to ensure your HOA Board of Director response. To ensure they do, the complaint will count against the collective score of an HOA until the Board of Directors chooses to respond...

We will never single out how a individual Member votes on any given category! The ratings are personal opinions. They are yours and we will protected your anonymity at all cost.

All submitted ratings will be revealed collectively, as a whole, with the sole purpose of establishing an overall letter grade for the community. The overall letter grade is the only item which can be seen publicly.

The Board of Directors and other Members of your HOA will not see how you personally voted. All other Members will see is the total number of votes and the average score which is based on a 1 - 5 scale. For example: Category Management: 67 total votes with an 3.7 overall average.

Your privacy matters. We will protect it.