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Other members of your HOA are actively engaging in dialogue within your community. Like you, they want to reach out and work together to solve real issues, make connections, and establish a since of community pride. Come and join the narrative. Come and express your voice.

Remember, communication is the key to promoting harmony and understanding. Sign up and connect!

No More.

Has your Board of Director develop into the local Gestapo police making it miserable to live in your HOA. Do you feel helpless and isolated? No More. The reason this type of behavior occurs is because it happens to one person at a time. Now when it happens, with the power of the forum, it happens to all... Do your part and help change the tide. It's ease.

Become a member today, and join like minded people within your HOA who want to reach out and work together to solve real issues.

Come and join the narrative. Come and express your voice.


Each HOA, has their own exclusive forum... That right. The HOA from down the street is not invited.

This is about you and your community... It a place where neighbors can meet and a place where neighborhoods are developed. Become a member today, and join the crazes that is sweeping the nations.

Come and Join the Narrative. Come and express your voice.

Currently 3661 People Rating Their HOA.

Our Promises to you....

We promise to be open, honest, and fair to all sides times:

If you love your HOA, your voice will be heard as much as the member who despise your HOA's very existence.

As a result, no bullying or distasteful action will be tolerated.

The individual property owner will have the ability to file a formal complaint against the collective score of the HOA until the Board of Directors respond...

Only you and the board will see then nature of the complaint in private and we will work in your behalf to ensure your board response.

We will never single out how a member votes on any given category. The ratings are personal. They are yours and they will be protected.

All submitted ratings will be revealed collectively, as a whole, with the sole purpose of establishing an overall letter grade for the community